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September 4, 2020

LETTER: Hewett can bring 'real change

The debate between James Kelcourse and his challenger, Amber Hewett, on Oct. 8 presented quite a contrast between the candidates. I listened to Mr. Kelcourse entertain with folksy narratives and descriptions of his support of measures largely engineered by others. Ms. Hewett identified the problems, their causes, and a solid plan of attack. Ms. Hewett articulated what a leader can do if the interest is in leading for solutions that translate into real change...CONTINUE READING

By: Monique Greilich
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

October 14, 2020

LETTER:Contrasts clear at state rep forum'

I am writing to comment on last Thursday’s state representative forum, sponsored by, and reported on by The Daily News.In that forum, the contrast between the two candidates could not be more striking. Over and over, moderator Richard Lodge asked specific questions about current issues. Over and over, Amber Hewitt clearly explained her positions with concrete proposals. Rep. James Kelcourse, on the other hand, offered very little specific information about his positions, other than that he believes in “making friends” as the answer to almost anything. ...CONTINUE READING

By: Carolyn Johnson
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

October 12, 2020

LETTER: Need leadership for the district

We look to our state representative to lead on the issues important to our district.

This is especially important today because the status quo has become untenable — for us, our family and friends, future generations and likely you as well.


By: Joe Carper and Sue McKittrick
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

September 4, 2020

LETTER: Important to 'call out gender-based bias'

The misogynist and racist signs displayed by Robert Roy of Salisbury are well known to readers of this newspaper. In recent weeks, one sign sought to denigrate Sen. Kamala Harris, candidate for vice president of the United States on the Democratic ticket. That was soon followed by a sign displaying the Confederate flag, an image widely used by white supremacists and displayed increasingly in our area in response to the Black Lives Matter movement...CONTINUE READING

By: Nancy E. Peace
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

September 4, 2020

LETTER: 'It matters who represents us' at Statehouse

In the midst of a crisis, we become more aware of the critical role our government leaders play, especially on the local and state level.These leaders are both the neighbors who greet us at local events and the champions we rely on to introduce and pass bills that fund our schools, protect our environment, expand regional transportation and ensure the health, safety and equality of all citizens...CONTINUE READING

By: Karen Trowbridge
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

September 3, 2020

LETTER: Sees Hewett as best candidate for rep

As a long-time local resident, I have been involved in local and state politics for many years as an advocate for affordable housing, racial justice, and the environment.

Several extremely important bills were debated in the Statehouse this past session. As I often do, I called and emailed Democratic state Sen. Diana DiZioglio, Republican state Rep. James Kelcourse, and other state-level politicians to get details about projected legislation or to urge support for several bills I felt were extremely important to our communities or state-wide...CONTINUE READING

By: Victoria Carr
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

August 26, 2020

LETTER: 'We need a leader' in Statehouse

COVID-19 requires us to see the whole planet as a system. This is even more true for climate change, which makes the enormous tragedy of the coronavirus seem like a minor event.

A recent study by Ian Howatt and Michalea D. King of the School of Earth Scientists at Ohio State University, the Greenland ice sheet is in “dramatic retreat.” It is described as being “beyond the point of no return.” Greenland contributes 280 billion metric tons of melting ice into the ocean each year, making it the largest physical source of rising ocean levels...CONTINUE READING

By: Anika Savage
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

August 13, 2020

LETTER: Cousin can serve, carry on 'proud tradition'

Family and community are inextricably intertwined. They help each other grow, offering a solid foundation to whoever wishes to put in the effort to create a place in which neighbors respect, look out for and work with one another. My cousin Amber Hewett is running for state representative in the First Essex District (Amesbury, Newburyport, Salisbury). Amber is excited to serve this region on Beacon Hill, as she takes part in a proud Hewett tradition of honoring their civic duty with this community...CONTINUE READING

By: Mathew Hewett
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

August 12, 2020

LETTER: Hewett will be 'strong voice' for all citizens

In 2018, I attended the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C., with my 11-year-old daughter. The voices of these young activists against gun violence sent a powerful message to lawmakers; their generation would not tolerate policies that are unfair or unjust.

I left that weekend full of hope and ready to begin my campaign for state representative for the 1st Essex District. It was always my plan that if I were to win, I would serve a couple of terms and then make way for the younger generation...CONTINUE READING

By: Jennifer Rocco-Runnion
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

August 7, 2020

LETTER: Hewett, Eckert support 'gun sense'

TThe truth about gun violence in America is difficult to hear: 40,000 gun deaths each year and over 100 gun deaths each day; 53 women shot and killed by an intimate partner every month; a gun suicide rate 10 times that of other high-income countries; firearms are the leading cause of death for American children and teens (ages 0 to 19); 58% of American adults or someone they care for have experienced gun violence in their lifetime...CONTINUE READING

By: Ann Haaser and Rebecca O'Brien
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

August 5, 2020

LETTER: Hewett deserves to be in office

The Bay State has long been a beacon of positive change with a rich history of progressivism. It was home to William Lloyd Garrison and the abolitionist movement, the site of the Bread and Roses Strike, and was the first state to legalize gay marriage.

We pride ourselves on these landmarks of social progress. However, we don’t always live up to this liberal tradition...CONTINUE READING

By: Anne Moore
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

July 20, 2020

LETTER: She's made her choice of candidates

I was pleased and not at all surprised to see state representative candidate Amber Hewett’s letter in the paper on Wednesday headlined "No time ‘to uphold the status quo.’"

She is the kind of legislator we need in the Massachusetts Statehouse to lead on dismantling systematic racism and on so many other important issues...CONTINUE READING

By: Judy Mouradian
Source: The Newburyport Daily News

July 14, 2020

LETTER: No time 'to uphold the status quo'

The 1st Essex District is part of a global community mobilizing for equity and justice. We should be represented, at every level of government, by people ready to do the work with us. 

This is no time to uphold the status quo...CONTINUE READING

By: Amber Hewett
Source: The Newburyport Daily News
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