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I consider government transparency to be foundational to solving every other policy challenge we face. Every person should have meaningful access to records of the work of those who represent them. But today, Massachusetts is one of only two states where all three of our branches of state government, including the State Legislature, claim exemption from the public records laws. 

In a strong democracy, we need a state government that answers to the people. Amber will pledge to:

  • Offer consistent monthly office hours, publicized well in advance, to hear constituents’ questions and concerns. 

  • Share with constituents how I plan to vote on bills. 

  • Share a summary of all legislation I sponsor or co-sponsor in clear-cut language.

  • Explain and respond to requests for my view on state policies or legislation.​

  • Publish on my website any written testimony I submit for or against a bill.

  • Publish on my website every vote I cast on behalf of our community, including votes cast in committees, which are not currently made public.

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