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Environmental Justice!

Join me in calling on our State Legislature to pass
An Act Relative to Environmental Justice

On June 11, 2020, MA State Representative Liz Miranda and State Senator Cindy Creem introduced An Act Relative to Saving Black Lives and Transforming Public Safety (HD.5128, SD.2968). 


The bill includes important measures toward strengthening accountability and dismantling systemic racism, and is integral to the MA Black and Latino Legislative Caucus's Ten-Point Plan to Address Police Violence and Advance Racial Justice.

The bill calls for:

  • Creating a uniform reporting database for officer-involved injuries or deaths

  • Requiring de-escalation tactics before use of force, and that deadly force only be used as a last resort against imminent threat to human life

  • Banning choke holds, tear gas and chemical weapons, rubber bullets, and dog attacks

For the complete text of the bill, please click here.

Black lives depend on each of us demanding action and holding our elected officials accountable to ending systemic racism.

Thank you, 

Our current State Representative has not signed on to this bill and has yet to comment on whether he intends to vote for it. Please join me in sending a loud and clear message that the 1st Essex District wants to see immediate action to address police violence and advance racial justice in the Commonwealth.

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